Beginners: Top 5 Tips for Disney Emoji Blitz

Hey Blitzers! This week on our YouTube Channel, we sat down with a couple of Blitz-tastic interns on the team to ask them about their experiences playing Disney Emoji Blitz! They brought up some great suggestions for tips and tricks they wish they had known as beginners playing the game. We thought they were super helpful, so we decided to share with you today!  

Disclaimer: These tips are from our beginners for beginners. If you have more tips and tricks to share as dedicated Blitzers, please share with us! 

Tip #1 for Beginners: Events

Events are one of the best ways to get new Emojis and rewards and we have a toooooon of different types of events in Disney Emoji Blitz. Read all about our Event Types and Recommended Emojis per Event Type in our other News! Also, Boosts will help you out a lot in completing Events, so make sure to check those out!

Julia’s favorite are our Villain Events. She likes the challenge of fighting against their power-ups, and loves adding Villain Emojis to her collection the most. Our Villain Events are the main way to get Villain Emojis!

Emma’s favorite are our Item Card Events. She’s a completionist and a big Disney fan, so for her, collecting all the items is like putting together all the pieces of the story!

💖 Play Events to get Emojis and other rewards! Always check our Calendar or our social channels to see what Events are coming up!

#1 tip for Beginners in Disney Emoji Blitz

Tip #2: Emojis

Disney Emoji Blitz is full of adorable, collectable, Emoji-fied characters from Disney, Pixar and Star WarsTM, each with their own special power-ups. Every Emoji belongs to one category: Silver, Gold, Story, Rainbow, or Villain. You can get Emojis from Events, Item Card Collections, Group Collections, Giveaways, Emoji Boxes in the store, and through Sweepstakes on our YouTube and other social channels.

To learn more about the Emoji Collection, Mission Levels and how to beat them, and more, go to “Player Guide” on our News!

💖 The Diamond symbol (💎) in the corner means that Emoji is Exclusive. These Emojis come from specific Events, Mission Levels, Group Collections, and Diamond Boxes!

#2 tip for Beginners in Disney Emoji Blitz

Tip #3: Duplicate Emojis

When you open a Box, you can get any Emoji from that Box. If you get one that you already own, you’ll power up the existing Emoji in your collection.

💖 Duplicate Emojis enhance power-ups! For example, at Level 1, Rainbow Mickey’s power activates Blitz mode and creates one Rainbow Star. If you get a second Rainbow Mickey to make him Level 2, and he’ll create an extra sun or lightning cloud!

#3 tip for Beginners in Disney Emoji Blitz

Tip #4: Power-ups

There are two types of power-ups in Disney Emoji Blitz: (1) crafted power-ups and (2) Emoji power-ups. Crafted power-ups are created in game rounds by your matches:

  • Make matches of 4 in a row to make a Lightning Cloud that clears a whole row or column.
  • When you make matches of 5 in a T or L shape, you’ll make a Sunshine that clears both the row and column.
  • When you make matches of 5 in a row, you’ll make a Rainbow Star which clears all of one Emoji off the board.

Each Emoji also has its own power-up that changes the game in unique, exciting ways. Every time you play Disney Emoji Blitz, you choose one Emoji to equip. You can activate its power-up by clearing that Emoji off the board to fill up your power meter. 

💖 To get your equipped Emoji’s power-up faster in a game round, clear that Emoji! For example, if you want to use Rainbow Mickey’s power-up in a game round, clear the Rainbow Mickey Emojis on the board!

#4 tip in Disney Emoji Blitz

Tip #5: Screens

For our final tip, Emma and Julia wanted to reveal some fun (and somewhat hidden) tips and features within different screens! For example, Julia loved when she noticed that you can tap the Emojis on the loading screen when you launch your game to make their expressions change!

Julia asked me about how our score is calculated after a round of match-3. Your score depends on the “Score Value” of ALL emojis on the board, not just your equipped Emoji! So, if you have a Level 5 Jasmine on the board and you have a Level 3 Tinker Bell equipped, clearing those Jasmine Emojis will get you a higher score.

Want to know a secret I use every game?! Julia noticed how to fast forward to your final score after completing a round. All you have to do is tap and hold the screen! Emma also pointed out that you can tap the balloons to get extra coins.

If you did not connect your game to your Facebook account, then you might notice some unique player names on the Leaderboard. Those are our developers! If you do connect your Facebook account and you have 10 friends who also play Disney Emoji Blitz, then you get a Dug Emoji for free! Connecting your Facebook is also good for ensuring your game gets saved!

#5 tip for Beginners in Disney Emoji Blitz

Final tip for Beginners: Where to find more!

Even if you are not a beginner to Disney Emoji Blitz, I hope you learned something new today! If you would like more info, our FAQ in-game as well as on our Customer Service site has a bit more to read up on. 

Find out more on our YouTube and Website!

Thank you for reading! Until next time, Happy Blitzin’!

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