Boosts 101 in Disney Emoji Blitz

Hey Blitzers! Today we released a video on our YouTube talking about Boosts and the best ways to use them. We also welcomed a new voice from our Dev team, Eric, to narrate it all! Check it out below!

What are Boosts in Disney Emoji Blitz?

Right before you tap the Play button, you’ll have a chance to use (or buy) Boosts. They will give you an edge as you play, especially if you use them strategically depending on the Mission or Event.

What types of Boosts are there?

We have the below Boosts that are always available and can be saved and stored up as you collect them.

  • Extra Time = 5 more seconds are added to your clock at the beginning of the game round
  • Blitz Start = Start your round in Blitz Mode
  • Full Power = Your equipped Emoji’s power starts the round fully charged
  • More Items = x2 items will appear throughout the round
  • Sunshine = Every Lightning Cloud you make during the round upgrades to Sunshines

We also have other Boosts that are available temporarily depending on the event. These cannot be saved or stored. They are only available during an event and can only be used during that event.

  • Falling Stars = Rainbow Stars will fall onto the board throughout the round
  • Falling Sunshines = Sunshines will fall onto the board throughout the round
  • Falling Lightning Clouds = Lightning Clouds will fall onto the board throughout the round
  • x2 Progress = Villain Events only: the amount of items you collect will double at the end of the round
  • More Health = Survival Events only: your health bar will have 2 more “HP” at the beginning of the round
  • Food Blocker = Food Fights only: your board will be protected against any Blitz Items, such as Pineapple Shakes and Spoons, that your opponent may throw at you
Boosts, Disney Emoji Blitz

Have any tips or tricks for using Boosts?

Eric, Game Designer on Disney Emoji Blitz, shared the below tips with us on how to best utilize your boosts.

  1. Sunshine Boosts are super helpful during Survival Events since you can target the “bombs” easier. “Bombs” are what we call the items that you have to clear in Survival Events.
  2. Blitz Start Boosts are great for Rainbow Star Missions. Since they clear all of one Emoji and keep that Emoji from being placed on the board again, it is much easier to make Rainbow Stars. 
  3. Extra Time Boosts are actually even more effective if you couple them with Blitz Start Boosts. Between the two you will get an extra 10 seconds instead of just 5. This combo is super helpful for those Missions where you have to get something done in one round.
  4. More Items Boosts are my favorite for Villain Events since you just get more items to attack Villains with. They are also good for coupling with any other Boosts since the more Emojis you clear, the higher chance you have of getting an item.
  5. Full Power Boosts are Eric’s favorite since they allow you to use any Emoji’s power instantly at the beginning of a round. We have so many Emojis with so many powers. Each Emoji is uniquely great at something. Full Power Boosts let you immediately tap into that unique power and accomplish a Mission, collect items, or anything else you need!

Where can I get Boosts?

You can get Boosts in a variety of ways!

  1. Events
  2. Daily Giveaways
  3. The Prize Wheel
  4. Daily Challenges
  5. Sweepstakes off our official Facebook page
  6. Purchased before a Game Round
  7. Purchased in the Store

If you would like more info, our FAQ in-game as well as on our Customer Service site has a bit more to read up on. We will also be looking for more Player Guide content to post soon in our News!

Thank you for reading! Happy Blitzin’!

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