Item Card Collections 101 in Disney Emoji Blitz

Hey Blitzers! We updated our Item Card Collections feature earlier this year, so I thought it would be good to do a quick tutorial on it to ensure everyone is up to date!

In March 2020, we refreshed our Item Card Collections. In addition to an all-new look, you could also earn more Emojis than ever before! Our team was buuussssy on this one — it took our artists, designers, engineers, product managers, testers — nearly everyone! Our team worked hard to make this look and feel as best as possible! We wanted our Item Card Collections to be shinier and more rewarding, plus give extra value for your duplicate Emojis.

What are Item Card Collections?

Now let’s start with the basics! Item Card Collections are a secondary collection feature where you collect items themed around various Disney stories, characters, and scenes. You can collect items while playing all non-event game rounds or in game rounds during Challenge and Team events and in the Daily Challenges. The items will appear on the board, and you need to move them to the bottom to collect. Easy-peasy!

Once collected, the items fill out the item cards (like a bingo game!) with cute themes like “Desserts” or “Flowers.” Completing a single item card rewards you with an Emoji Box!

Item Card Collections - Disney Emoji Blitz - boot

What was changed in March 2020?

Now onto the upgrades, such as the fresh new look! I love how our team made each Item Card look like actual trading cards. Blue cards are common and green cards are rare. Rare items drop less frequently than common items. When you click on a rare card, you can see what Emoji can help you get that item, also known as that item’s “Lucky Emoji”.

Did you notice that the more duplicates of an Emoji you have, the better chance you have of getting that rare item to appear!? You can see the percentage chance of that rare item to appear when you click on the item! It’s all in the details for me! I love that when you see an item on your board it will actually glow a sparkly green if it is rare. So cute!

What are the prizes for completing Item Card Collections?

I really hope you love all the new prizes as much as I do! Players used to receive many different prizes for finishing Item Card Collections, but now you will receive purely Emoji Boxes. If you don’t recognize a certain box, we have a nifty little guide on our Customer Service site here!

If you have completed a category in the Emoji Collection, you will receive coins instead since there are no Emojis left to collect. For example, if you have completed your Silver Box Emoji collection, then any Item Card Collection that rewards silver boxes will give you a nice chunk of coins instead!

How do I get Lucky Emojis for my Item Card Collections?

If you don’t have a Lucky Emoji and you would like one, we have added the Card Collector Box in the Store that contains all the Lucky Emojis for your current Item Card Collection! This dynamically changes as you progress through your Item Card Collections. If you want a certain one make sure to get it before you finish the Item Card Collection!

Item Card Collections - Disney Emoji Blitz - screenshot

If you would like more info, check out our FAQ in-game and our Customer Service site. We will also be looking for more Player Guide content to post soon in our News!

Thank you for reading! We will do some tips and tricks from our team soon on these features!

Happy Blitzin’!

Emoji Jenny

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