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Hey Blitzers! If you subscribe to our YouTube Channel, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been sharing fun secrets behind the design of Disney Emoji Blitz. For example, this video talks about three secrets behind Clear Events. On top of that, our Events 101 article goes over every type of Event available in the game! So what I’m saying is…now that you’re all Event experts…I thought today we would talk about which Emojis Eric and I prefer to play with, based on the type of Event!

Before we dive in, check out our latest video! Eric, Game Designer, offers up three tips on Survival Events that I bet you didn’t know before. Plus, he even shares his favorite Emoji to use for Survival Events. So let’s start with that one down below!

Disclaimer: These recommendations don’t take Lucky Emojis into account, as Lucky Emojis are different for each Event and always give you 2x progress. Also, while we have some good reasons for each selection, they are still personal preferences from us and may differ from yours. We hope these recommendations give you an edge in playing in our Events!

What Emoji is best for Survival Events? 

Survival Events are unique in that they have a “health bar” instead of a time limit. Therefore, having an Emoji that can help with your “health” is a great strategy! With that in mind, our recommended Emoji to use is Mary Sanderson from Hocus Pocus! Mary Sanderson’s power-up “steals the souls” of Emojis on the board and gives you extra time. Well in this case, she actually gives you a health back! Isn’t that AWESOME?! 

💖 Recommended Emoji for Survival Events: Mary Sanderson

Hocus Pocus, Disney Emoji Blitz

What Emoji is best for Clear Events?

Clear Events are very tricky as every Clear Event has different patterns. Therefore it is a bit hard to choose one Emoji to rule them all. We feel whatever Emoji you are most comfortable with and will just clear the board fastest is the winner. If we had to choose just one, it would be Hatbox Ghost from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. Having that transformative power-up where he transforms lots of Emojis into himself is just OP. He commonly spawns power-ups this way, and his power-up refills really fast since he is clearing himself all the time!

💖 Recommended Emoji for Clear Events: Hatbox Ghost

Events 102, Hatbox Ghost, Disney Emoji Blitz

What Emoji is best for Food Fight Events?

Food Fights are the only player-versus-player Events we have and that makes this particularly difficult. You basically want to collect items and reach Blitz Mode as fast as possible to get those pesky Spoons and Smoothies to throw at the other person. We recommend the new and adorable Baby Simba from The Lion King! He gives you Sunshines in the top corner to help you clear. More importantly, all the animals at the bottom of his power-up make all the Emojis heart-eyed. When you clear these heart-eyed Emojis, they add to your Blitz Bar. So you get Blitz Mode faster! 

💖 Recommended Emoji for Food Fight Events: Baby Simba

Events 102, Baby Simba, The Lion King, Disney Emoji Blitz

What Emoji is best for Item Card Events?

Item Card Events are all about collecting as many items as you can. You will definitely need to equip the Lucky Emojis in order to collect the Rare Items faster. However, until then, you can collect the Common Items pretty fast with an Emoji that gives Items. Our choice is Lucifer from Cinderella. Lucifer, especially when powered up, is top notch. He gives out 1 Item and a Rainbow Star right next to them, so you can get more Items!

💖 Recommended Emoji for Item Card Events: Lucifer

Events 102, Lucifer, Cinderella, Disney Emoji Blitz

What Emoji is best for Team Events?

Team Events are made up of a bunch of different Missions that you complete with two Emojis. For that, since it purely depends on the Missions, refer to Andy’s video! He tells you about the Missions and tips for selecting the best Emojis for them!

💖 Recommended Emoji for Team Events: Refer to Andy’s Video on our YouTube!

What Emoji is best for Villain Events?

Villain Events are all about collecting particular Items that attack the Villain and keep the Villain from activating their power. Therefore, I personally like the combination of a transform and power-up Emoji like….drumroll please!….my favorite Emoji, JOY from Inside Out! She gives you a Sunshine wherever you choose AND she transforms Emojis around the Sunshine to more Joys! Therefore you have a higher chance of creating  power-ups, possibly even a Rainbow Star. Her power-up also refills pretty quick!!

💖 Recommended Emoji for Villain Events: Joy

Joy, Inside Out, Disney Emoji Blitz

If you would like more info, our FAQ in-game as well as on our Customer Service site has a bit more to read up on. We will also be looking for more Player Guide content to post soon in our News!

Thank you for reading! Happy Blitzin’!

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