Events 101 in Disney Emoji Blitz

Hey Blitzers! It is no secret that Disney Emoji Blitz has a lot of Events…like, A LOT. I think it keeps the game fresh and exciting every day! We do events around new films and shows, holidays, seasons, anniversaries, classics…almost anything from the many stories and characters of Disney, Pixar and Star Wars! Today I felt it would be good to freshen up on the basics of our Events, so let’s get started!

Before we go too far, I wanted to show you our first Events video featuring Eric, Game Designer on Disney Emoji Blitz. We will take you through some of the secrets and fun that go into designing events. First up, we talk about Clear Events! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to view more!

What are Events in Disney Emoji Blitz?

In-game events, sometimes known as “limited-time” or “live” events, are essentially a feature that allows for highly anticipated, exciting, ever-changing gameplay. Events are only available for a limited time and offer unique rewards or benefits. Disney Emoji Blitz is a world, a Cloud Kingdom as we playfully call it, where Disney, Pixar and Star Wars stories and characters play together. Events are one way you can interact with these stories and characters in Cloud Kingdom. In fact, Events are a fun, exciting way to earn our Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars Emojis!

What types of Events are there?

We have EIGHT (8) types of Events in Disney Emoji Blitz. I’m going to take you through them alphabetically. It is the most organized way I can think of. 🤣

Challenge Events

In Challenge Events, players complete a series of Missions with specific Emojis. Each Emoji chosen for the Challenge has a certain set of Missions unique to said Emoji. Completion of these Missions gives various rewards from Tokens to Chests!

Clear Events

In Clear Events, you will see special tiles cover the board in patterns. Players must match Emojis over the special tiles to clear them. Once the whole game board is cleared, the player earns a point. Then the game board resets with a new pattern of special tiles. These special tiles are usually themed along with the Event. For example, for Mickey’s Birthday Clear Event you clear frosting (special tiles) to make cake (point). 🎂

💖 The patterns are actually themed to the Event as well! For example, some of the clear patterns in our The Nightmare Before Christmas Clear Event resemble Jack’s different dance positions from “What’s This”!

Food Fight Events

Food Fight Events are the only PvP Events we have in Disney Emoji Blitz! Players compete in rounds against other live players to collect the most items before the round ends. Players progress through four different maps earning prizes: “Breakfast Brawl”, “Lunch Rumble”, “Dinner Melee”, and “Dessert Duel”. You earn progression based on how well you do against your opponents. 

When Blitz Mode is triggered, special Blitz Items appear on the game board. Examples are the Pineapple Shakes and Spoons. Players drop Blitz Items to cause an obstacle effect on their opponent’s game board and gain an advantage. For example, Pineapple Shakes will splatter on an opponent’s game board, blocking their view for a short period of time. Spoons will steal a power-up from your opponent and place it on your own game board!

If you want more information on Food Fights and how they work, we actually did a bit of a deep dive in our August 2020 Update!

Item Card Events

In Item Card Events, Items will appear on the game board in containers. Players must break the containers open to release the Items. Then drop the Items to the bottom of the game board to collect them. Players complete Item Cards by collecting the required number of Items and filling out by row or column. 

Rare Items are Items that appear less frequently during the Event. Rare Items will have a special green glow behind them on the game board. If you play with a “Lucky” Emoji, the chance of a Rare Item appearing on the game board increases dramatically.
💖 There are some really good Emojis that put items on the board, such as Lucifer or Bob Cratchit Mickey (or even 22 from Soul who debuts in our game on December 25)! 🤫

Survival Events

In Survival Events, a couple of unique things are happening at once. First of all, you do not have a time limit, per say. Instead you have a health limit, or “HP” in gamer terms. You can only get hit a certain number of times before the round ends. You can see your health in the top left hand corner of the board when in a round.

Secondly, players must collect special items that appear on the board by hitting them with a power-up. However, these items in particular are unique as they will “blow up” and take your health away if you do not hit them in time! Each “bomb” (what we call these items) will take one health away, so hit them fast!

💖 Blitz Mode gives you a health back, so good to keep matching as fast as you can!

Team Events

Team Events are special because you get to play with TWO (2) Emojis in gameplay! Once you start the game round, a random Emoji will be chosen to play alongside your own. To help explain, let me use actual Emojis…how about Mulan and Crikee from our Mulan Team Event. Ok, let’s say I equipped Mulan for the Team Event. I start the round, and the randomizer chooses Crikee to play alongside Mulan. As I play, Mulan’s power is ready to be activated! Once I use her power, Crikee switches places with her and now I have Crikee equipped. Once Crikee’s power is activated, Mulan switches back. Players progress through maps based on Missions you complete as a team. It’s a lot of fun and adds a whole different strategy to the round!

💖 What I love most is that while playing in the Team Events, I have an opportunity to play with Emojis I do not have! The randomizer does not limit you on your collected Emojis! 

Token Quests

Token Quests are our month-long Events where you collect Tokens towards prizes! Earn Tokens from completing Missions, Events, and even your free daily gifts! The prizes for Token Quests include items and Emojis usually themed around an IP. 

💖 Token Quests can sometimes include exclusive Items or Emojis, so check the top of your screen!

Villain Events

In Villain Events, players battle a Villain Emoji by dropping special items to the bottom of the board. These items “attack” the Villain, slowing down the Villain’s power from affecting the player. The Villain’s power usually consists of blockers or mechanics that are meant to slow down the player, so collect those items to keep the Villain at bay!

The items are also what the player collects in order to progress in the Event. Keep collecting items to earn prizes and eventually the Villain Emoji you are battling against! 

💖 Villain Events are the main way to earn an exclusive Villain Emoji, so don’t miss them!

Keep in mind this is as of today, December 15. Who knows what the future may hold for Blitzers!

How often are Events and when are they?

Every few days, on average, there will be a new Event in Disney Emoji Blitz. Our Events range from 1 to 5 days long, so keep an eye on our schedule to see what is coming up!

We have several ways below that you can get information on upcoming Events:

  • Every day you log in to Disney Emoji Blitz, there will be a pop-up if there is an event going on. You can also claim your daily free gift. 🥰
  • Every month I post the upcoming event schedule on our official social channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I also pin the schedule to the top for ease. I usually make these posts on the last day of every month, so keep an eye out!
  • Every month I update our Calendar here on our website with the upcoming Events. I time this with the social update, so expect to see them on the last day of every month!
  • Every month on the first of every month, I also post a video on our YouTube channel that takes you through some of the upcoming events. Tiff and I try our best to make it a punny experience! 😜
  • Finally, if you check the storefront (App Store or Google Play) often, our team posts our upcoming schedule in the “What’s New” text.

What can help me in Events?

I find the most helpful aid in Events are Boosts. Depending on the Event, I use a specific Boost or combination of Boosts to get me through faster. There are even certain Boosts that only show up for specific Events. Check out our previous blog and YouTube video on Boosts! 

If you would like more info, our FAQ in-game as well as on our Customer Service site has a bit more to read up on. We will also be looking for more Player Guide content to post soon in our News!

Thank you for reading! Happy Blitzin’!

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