Disney Emoji Blitz Update: August 2020

Hey Blitzers! 

The first blog edition of our release notes! How exciting! 

Emoji Jenny here and I am so excited to be bringing you our official August release notes! I will be walking you through the August updates, starting with release R36.0.0 on July 28, 2020. The lineup is pretty strong, featuring a certain Wonderboy, brand new Emojis from A Goofy Movie, and a gorgeous new Emoji version of Minnie that is just pure magic. Let’s dive in!

Oh! Before I go any further, make sure you download the update in order to access all the fabulous new content I’m about to reveal! In case you didn’t already know, you are able to play Disney Emoji Blitz offline, but you won’t be able to download the new content without a strong internet connection. Be sure to connect to WIFI and download our update on July 28, 2020*.

*Some players may receive the update at a later time, but rest assured that it will be available to you before the events start.  

Upcoming Emojis

Here are some Emojis arriving in August that I just know you are going to love! The movie soundtracks were stuck in my head the entire time I was writing this – if you don’t blast “Eye to Eye” after reading this, then you’re missing out!

  1. Fairy Minnie, our new Mission Level 500 Exclusive! I’ll be sharing more about her in an upcoming Emoji Highlight. 
  2. Zeus from Hercules
  3. Phil from Hercules
  4. Vacation Goofy from A Goofy Movie
  5. Max from A Goofy Movie
  6. Powerline from A Goofy Movie (I squealed when I saw this one…)
  7. Pearl from Finding Nemo

Upcoming Events

I made a quick list of our upcoming events below, but you can also find them on our Event Calendar!

  1. August 1-31: Tamatoa’s Treasure Trek Token Quest
  2. August 5-6: Winnie the Pooh Food Fight
  3. August 7-11: Hercules Survival Event
  4. August 13-14: Mother Gothel Villain Event
  5. August 15-17: Princesses Item Card Event
  6. August 19-24: A Goofy Movie Clear Event
  7. August 26-30: Finding Nemo/Dory Challenge
  8. Plus daily giveaways!

Other Updates

Food Fights – In case you didn’t notice above, our team is bringing back Food Fight Events! If you are unfamiliar with them, here is a quick rundown:

  • In Food Fights, players actually compete against each other to collect the most items.
  • Be careful, it can get crazy when your opponent sends items to block your board! The only response is to SEND THEM BACK! 
  • Whoever has the most items wins! The points you both earn are counted towards map progression for the event. The winner will get a bit extra. 

If you are familiar with Food Fights, then I would like to call out some changes to the upcoming Winnie the Pooh Food Fight in particular:

  • Spoons and Dole Whips will be the obstacles
  • Falling Rainbow Star Boosts will be available

I’m looking forward to seeing how you all do on August 5 with Winnie the Pooh!

Community Promos – The official Disney Emoji Blitz channels, including our website, are getting some love in this update! You may see pop-ups every now and then that tell you what our website has to offer, as well as sweepstakes on Facebook. It is an exciting time to join our community and I look forward to seeing more and more Blitzers!

Hercules Group Collection – Our team is adding a Hercules Group Collection that will have the below emojis:

  • Hercules
  • Pegasus
  • Megara
  • Phil
  • Zeus
  • Hades

Well that is all I have for you today! 

Happy Blitzin’!

Emoji Jenny

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