How to Get Free Stuff in Disney Emoji Blitz 101

Hey Blitzers! Today we are talking about how to get FREE STUFF in Disney Emoji Blitz! Check out our new YouTube video below starring Lucy, Associate Game Designer. She takes us through her top three ways to get free prizes in Disney Emoji Blitz!

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Free Prizes #1: Weekly Login Calendar 

The Weekly Login Calendar is our newest daily prize feature. Log in every day to get a free gift, and you’ll see that day check off. If you log in for 14 days straight, you get the big grand prize at the top. Daily prizes include boosts, coins, lives, items, tokens, and more!

Weekly Login Calendar, FREE stuff 101, Disney Emoji Blitz

Where can I find the Weekly Login Calendar?

You’ll be taken directly to your calendar right when you open the game for the first time in a day. All the prizes of the two weeks are visible to you so you know exactly what you’re going to get. You can also find it in the Store on the bottom right labeled “Prize Calendar” with a nice big blue button.

What if I miss a day?

If you miss a day, you’ll still be able to collect prizes from the current day onward. To get a previous prize, use “reclaims” and a few gems to claim it and repair your streak. If you run out of reclaims though, you won’t be able to get those prizes. And we currently have no way for you to get more reclaims. So make sure to log in every day! At the end of two weeks if you have collected all of the daily prizes, your efforts will be rewarded with a super special grand prize!

💖 PRO TIP: If you missed several days and you only have enough reclaims for one prize, you can choose which prize to restore!

Weekly Login Calendar, Disney Emoji Blitz

Free Prizes #2: Giveaways

Sometimes during holidays or major events, we do additional themed giveaways! Giveaways will appear in the shop as a free chest or box. Giveaways include boosts, coins, lives, items, tokens, and even Emojis! 

🤫 For example, we will have a special Emoji giveaway on February 1st! Mark your calendars!

Giveaway, Free stuff 101, Disney Emoji Blitz

Free Prizes #3: Prize Wheel

The Prize Wheel is a wheel that you can spin for a random prize. You can preview the prizes and relative chances on the wheel itself. 

Prize Wheel, Free stuff 101, Disney Emoji Blitz

Where is the Prize Wheel?

The Prize Wheel can be found in the Store; it is the first item in the top left. Just press the “FREE” button to spin and get your prize!

How many times can I spin the Prize Wheel?

You can spin the Prize Wheel completely for free every four hours. You can see the timer below the wheel counting down to the next time you can spin for free. 

If you would like to spin the wheel again sooner than that, you can watch a quick ad! Just press the “Free Spin ▶️ ” button, an ad will pop up, and after the ad has finished your wheel will spin! Just make sure to watch the whole ad and click the close (X) button after the 30 seconds. 

Do the prizes on the Prize Wheel ever change?

Actually yes, they do! Sometimes during major holidays or events we reskin the wheel to match a theme. This will also change the prizes and/or their chances. For example, the Prize Wheel during December was holiday-themed and had juicier prizes with higher chances of winning!

BONUS: Our YouTube Videos!

There is one more way you can get free stuff…and that is through our YouTube! Most videos have a sweepstakes on them and you just need to comment for a chance to win! Make sure to check those out! 

💖 We are giving out 10 lives today on our video! Don’t miss it!

ANYHOO! If you would like more info, our FAQ in-game as well as on our Customer Service site has a bit more for you to read up on. We will also be looking for more Player Guide content to post soon in our News!

Thank you for reading! Happy Blitzin’!

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