Missions and Levels 102 in Disney Emoji Blitz

Hey hey, Blitzers! Many of you enjoyed our last mission-focused post, “Missions and Levels 101”, so we’re back with another round! There are various types of missions in Disney Emoji Blitz, so let’s talk about some tricky ones and how to beat them!

First, Emoji Jenny and I talk through the Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Emojis! We go over some of what you are about to read below as well as a couple more unique bits of information, so don’t miss it! Between our latest video on our YouTube and this blog, we hope you learn something new about Disney Emoji Blitz!

Missions and Levels, Disney Emoji Blitz

Mission Tag Missions

Many missions require you to use a specific type of Emoji to complete them. Each Emoji has different “tags” that let the game know whether or not they work for these types of missions. For example, if you see a mission that says “Use a scary Emoji,” that means ONLY Emojis with the “scary” tag will work for that mission. 

💖  Whenever you have a mission that requires an Emoji tag, check out the Recommended section of your Emoji Collection. Tap the (i) button to see which ones were chosen for that mission.

While the Recommended section is super helpful, it is limited in how many Emojis it can show, so there may be even more that apply! Here are some things to keep in mind when considering which Emojis in your collection to use for mission tag missions:

  • If a mission is asking you to use a specifically colored Emoji, such as Red or Blue, any Emoji with just even a little bit of that color should count! (Except eye color!) For example, Minnie’s bow counts as Red. Joy counts as both Yellow and Blue!
  • For “Big ears,” see if the Emoji’s ears are showing!
  • For “Hat-wearing,” besides looking for hats, look for hoods and helmets! (But tiaras don’t count — they are jewelry, not hats!)
  • For “Jewelry,” earrings are usually the giveaway, but look for tiaras and crowns as well!
  • For “Bearded Emojis,” look for any facial hair! 
  • All Villains count for “Scary”! So do some characters who are scary in their stories like Sulley.
  • For “Outer space,” all Star Wars Emojis count for this mission type!
  • For “Eyewear,” look for glasses, eye patches, and masks! (Even Frozone’s visor counts!)
Missions and Levels, Disney Emoji Blitz

Power Missions

Some missions ask you to use your Emoji’s power multiple times. And who wouldn’t want to?! In addition to using Boosts to help you achieve this (Full Power, Blitz Start, Extra Time and Sunshine Boosts all help), there’s a strategy we like to use internally called pre-powering your Emoji. This takes advantage of the game code’s timing to give you a little edge in activating your Emoji’s power.

💖  Did you ever notice that, when your Emoji power bar is full, the bar blocks any more clears of that Emoji from entering the bar? You’re pretty much forced to use the Emoji power at that point — no one wants to lose out on the Emojis they’re clearing! HOWEVER, the next time you go to activate your Emoji power, look for any crafted power-ups on your board (Lightning Cloud, Sunshine and Rainbow Star) and set them off. Then, immediately use your Emoji’s power. Why, oh why, you ask?

Activate Crafted Power-ups Right Before Your Emoji Power!

Activating those crafted power-ups before your Emoji power is great for several reasons:

  • While your Emoji power is animating, the Emojis you started clearing from the board are allowed to enter the power bar because it is emptied out as soon as you tap it. This means your next power will activate sooner!
  • When the board is cascading (filling in spaces with new Emojis), that is frequently time that you can’t play the game as effectively because there’s so much action on screen. If the cascade is occurring (from those crafted power-ups you activated) while your Emoji power is animating, you’re saving precious time!
  • When using a clear power, removing the crafted power-ups from the board beforehand means there will be more spaces on the board that your Emoji power can hit, increasing the number of coins you earn!
  • If you’re using a power that makes crafted power-ups, it’s good to remove crafted power-ups from the board beforehand because those new power-ups will clear more Emojis from the board overall. Adding crafted power-ups to a board that already has a bunch of them doesn’t add that much to your board-clearing potential. (Of course, this is situational, because sometimes you’re adding power-ups that will be able to combo.)
Missions and Levels, Disney Emoji Blitz

Coin Missions

Some missions ask you to earn a certain number of coins in one or more games. Well, here’s a whopper: Did you know that crafted power-ups generate fewer coins than Emoji clear powers? This means that if you can clear a big group of Emojis without using crafted power-ups, you’ll get more coins! 

💖  The one exception to that is setting off chains of power-ups, like when you combo a Rainbow Star with a Lightning Cloud. Cha-ching!

Missions and Levels, Disney Emoji Blitz

Item Missions

Last on today’s list are missions that require you to collect items while playing. I have a bunch of tips here: 

  • Use the More Items Boost! It gets you more items. Okay, you knew that. I’ll move on.
  • Play with Emojis that drop items on the board, like Gus, Holiday Mickey or Devil Dale!
  • Emojis that come out in Item Events are specifically designed to either spawn items or make collecting items from the board easier. For example, Goliath specifically tries to get an item to the bottom of your board – his whole animation flips so he can hit that side. Use those Item Event Emojis!
  • Play with Emojis that are Lucky for your current Item Card Collection. They have a chance to drop rare items on the board, which will add to your item count when collected!

Well, I hope those tips make mission completion a little bit easier. Now, I’ve got a mission to make some more Emoji powers, so I better get back to work. Happy Blitzin’!

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