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Hey Blitzers! If you subscribe to our YouTube Channel, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been sharing fun secrets behind the design of our Events in Disney Emoji Blitz. Emoji Eric, Game Designer, has talked about Clear Events and Survival Events, and today we are talking about Item Card Events! The imagery throughout the article will be the tips from the video. 😁

What are items in Disney Emoji Blitz? 

While we are on the subject, how about a refresher on items and Item Cards? Did I hear a “YES, WE WOULD LOVE THAT EMOJI JENNY”?! I thought so! 😜

Let’s go back to basics and talk about the different types of items in Disney Emoji Blitz. Items are basically any collectible in-game that is not an Emoji. They could be recognizable props from a certain film or items that we’ve created ourselves that fit into Cloud Kingdom (the world in which our Disney Emojis live in Disney Emoji Blitz). A few examples of items include the Sorcerer Hat that Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey wears, Genie’s Lamp from Aladdin, and the Glass Slipper from Cinderella. There are many items to collect in Disney Emoji Blitz, and once collected they appear on your Disney Emoji Blitz keyboard. 

Keyboard Items

Disney Emoji Blitz is unique in that everything you collect in-game will be added to a separate keyboard in your phone. You can use this keyboard to place any of your collected Emojis or items in text messages as stickers. I could send “sounds good,” but I also could send a Rainbow Mickey with Rainbow Sunglasses. 😎

To find out how to set up your keyboard, go to your Settings and tap Keyboard!

💖 Quick tip! In the Token Quest, tap on an item that has a little keyboard icon in the corner. That is how you know this is a keyboard item! Once you collect it, the item will appear on your keyboard!

Item Cards tip #1

What are Item Cards in Disney Emoji Blitz? 

Item Cards are basically a visual change to Items to visually represent a different purpose. Item Cards are cards with Items on them that you collect in various ways to fulfill a larger collection. For example, collect Item Cards to complete an Item Card Collection. 

Item Card Collections

Item Card Collections are a secondary collection feature where you collect items themed around various Disney stories, characters, and scenes. You can collect items while playing all non-event game rounds or in game rounds during Challenge and Team events and in the Daily Challenges. Once collected, the items fill out the item cards (like a bingo game!) with cute themes like “Desserts” or “Flowers.” Completing a single item card rewards you with an Emoji Box!

We actually do a deep dive on Item Card Collections in our Item Card Collections 101 article!

Item Card Events

In Item Card Events, items will appear on the game board in containers. Players must break the containers open to release the items. Then drop the items to the bottom of the game board to collect them. Players complete Item Cards by collecting the required number of items and filling out by row or column. We talk about them and our other Events in our Events 101 article! We also talk about what Emojis to use for Item Card Events and more in our Events 102 article!

Enchanted Skies

After you have collected enough items, the Enchanted Skies Minigame will pop up and you could win Item Cards to help towards your Item Card Collections! Basically, you will see a bunch of chests in front of you to choose to open. Many will have Item Cards in them ranging from Common to Rare, so choose wisely! You can always buy more keys if you run out! To see more of a deep dive on this feature, check out the bottom of our November 2020 Update!

More Items Boost

While you are playing Item Card Events, you may find More Items Boosts to be particularly helpful! If you turn one of these on before you enter a game round, x2 items will appear throughout the round! They will definitely BOOST your item collecting! Emoji Eric actually gives some tips on strategizing with Boosts in our Boosts 101 article!

Item Card Packs, Boxes, and Chests

Item Cards will visually be in the form of Item Cards, Item Card Packs, Item Card Boxes or Item Card Chests. You can find any number of these forms in the Store, Event prizes, Token Quest prizes, giveaways, and more.  Item Card Packs rip open like card packs you find at the comic book store and contain a few Item Cards. Whereas, Item Card Boxes look like card boxes that flip open to reveal many Item Cards. Finally, Item Card Chests are green chests with a green Item Card on the clasp that contain Item Cards and other in-game goodies like Coins and Boosts. 

Item Cards tip #2

What are Lucky Emojis?

Rare Item Cards, the green ones, are harder to collect unless you have a Lucky Emoji. If you play with a “Lucky” Emoji, the chance of the Rare Item Card appearing on the game board increases dramatically. This is only applicable to the particular Lucky Emoji of that particular Rare Item Card. When you click on a Rare Item Card, you can also see what percentage of chance that Lucky Emoji will give you. Utilizing Lucky Emojis can be a huge advantage when collecting Item Cards!

Card Collector Box

There is a Card Collector Box in the Store that contains all the Lucky Emojis on your current Item Card Collection. Definitely a great way to get some direct help on those Item Card Collections or even just to collect particular Emojis!

Item Cards tip #3

If you would like more info, our FAQ in-game as well as on our Customer Service site has a bit more to read up on. We will also be looking for more Player Guide content to post soon in our News!

Thank you for reading! Happy Blitzin’!

Emoji Jenny

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