Disney Emoji Blitz Update: November 2020

Hey Blitzers! November is upon us… a time for family, friendship, food… and most importantly, more puns! Tiff and I always have a punny time in our videos, so hope you enjoy our November Update below!! 😁

Today I will be going through the updates for November. November starts right at the end of R37.2.0 but jumps right into release R38.0.0 and ends with R38.1.0. November is one of our most diverse months yet! We celebrate Dia de los Muertos with Coco, Mickey & Friends Stay True Friendsgiving, Mickey’s Birthday, and finally a strong finish with The Mandalorian Season 2!! 

I mention this every update, just to be safe: please connect to the internet to download our game updates on your device. R38.0.0 comes out on November 3, so check your store around then! One of the great things about Disney Emoji Blitz is that you can play without internet connection. However, you won’t be able to get any new content until you download the latest update while on WiFi*!

*Some platforms may receive the update at a later time, but rest assured it will be before the events start.  

November Emojis

Here are the new Emojis debuting in November:

  1. Ernesto de la Cruz from Coco (Yes, there will be a lot of bells. 🔔)
  2. Alebrije Dante from Coco
  3. Moff Gideon from The Mandalorian (Yaassss so excited! Season 2 is out today on Disney+, check it out!)
  4. Death Trooper from The Mandalorian
  5. Cara Dune from The Mandalorian

November Events

On our Event Calendar, you will now see the below events for November!

  1. November 1-30: Mickey & Friends Stay True Friendsgiving Token Quest
  2. November 4-8: Ernesto de la Cruz Villain Event
  3. November 10-11: Mickey Challenge
  4. November 12-16: Mickey’s Birthday Clear Event
  5. November 19-23: Disney Classics Item Card Event
  6. November 25-30: Moff Gideon Villain Event
  7. We also have our daily giveaways!

New Feature: Enchanted Skies Minigame

We have an exciting new feature that will go live with release R38.1.0 on November 17. Drum roll, please! Our brand new… Enchanted Skies Minigame! 🤩 AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!! 👏👏👏 

Long story short, this is a new mini game that pops up once you’ve collected enough items, rewarding you with additional prizes! The prizes are mainly Items, which speed up progress on your Item Card Collections. Item Card Collections are a great way to collect Emojis since every completion earns you an Emoji! 

To learn more about Item Card Collections, we did a tutorial here!

💖 Don’t worry if you can’t remember all this! Once the feature is available, there will be a helpful tutorial in-game.

When does the Enchanted Skies Minigame pop-up?

You may notice a new bar at the top of your screen next to the Token Quest bar. Looks like an item on the left counting towards a rainbow chest? This is the meter that counts down to the Enchanted Skies Minigame! The meter will fill up as you collect Items through game rounds, Event prizes, purchases, and daily giveaways. Even the Items you collect during an Item Card Event count! Once the meter is full, the Enchanted Skies Minigame will play!

💖 Note that you must be Level 8 or higher in order to trigger the game!

If the meter was filled from a game round, the Enchanted Skies Minigame will play after the Round Results. If you are in the middle of an Event and your map nodes are filling up, the Enchanted Skies Minigame will play after you have finished collecting all your prizes. 

Common Items and Rare Items both fill up the meter. Rare Items are worth much more than Common Items, so keep using those Lucky Emojis to collect Rare Items! Any items you collect after the meter is full will no longer contribute to the meter.

How do you play the Enchanted Skies Minigame?

At first, you may notice a pleasant sunny sky with rainbow chests floating peacefully on some clouds. This is the first map – our “Morning” map. There are two other maps following this one: “Afternoon” and “Night”, both with more chests! 

You start with a certain number of keys. Tap on a chest to use a key and reveal a prize. Since a lot of the prizes are Items, we put your Item Card progress at the bottom. You can tap on the up arrow to see more detailed progress on your current item card collection. Just so you can see your progress as you collect more! Keep using all your keys to open chests. Once you run out of keys, you can purchase more if you’d like in the minigame! 

💖 Once you quit the minigame, your progress will NOT be saved! Make sure to use all your free keys and play to your heart’s content before you quit!

Let’s dive a little deeper with an example:

  1. Enchanted Skies opens with the Morning map and lots of pretty chests!
  2. You start with 2 keys.
  3. Tap a chest to collect a x2 Multiplier. Now all the remaining chests on the screen have x2 on them, meaning all the prizes are doubled. 
  4. Tap another chest to collect a Rare Item. Except you had a x2 Multiplier from above on this, so you get 2 Rare Items! The Rare Items fly to the bottom of the screen into your Item Card progress.
  5. You have used your 2 keys that you started with, so you see a pop-up to purchase more keys. 
  6. Purchase more keys and continue opening chests.
  7. You can keep going for as many keys as you have or want to purchase!
  8. Once you exit the game, a new bar will show at the top of your screen. Fill this bar once again to play another Enchanted Skies Minigame!

What kind of prizes are in the Enchanted Skies Minigame?

The prizes may vary in the future, but at launch they will be the following:

  • Common Items
    • If your Item Card Collection only has Rare Items left to collect, any Common Items you collect in the mini-game will go towards the mini-game meter.
  • Rare Items
    • If your Item Card Collection only has Common Items left to collect, all Rare Items in the mini-game chests will be replaced with Common Items.
  • Multipliers
    • When you reveal one of these, the rest of the chests on that map will be upgraded! 
    • When you are on the Afternoon map, you start with all the chests at x2. If you reveal a x3 multiplier, all the remaining chests upgrade to x3!
    • When you are on the Night map, you start with all the chests at x3.
  • Coins
  • Boosts
  • Lives

💖 If you would like to see the odds of getting certain prizes or just more info in general, tap the info (i) button in the top right corner!

We certainly hope you enjoy this brand new feature! Our team worked very hard to bring you a new way to interact with Disney Emoji Blitz and there is still more to come!

Other Game Updates

Once R38.0.0 goes live on November 3, the below updates will be visible as well!

  • You will start to see your Emoji’s Power Level display on the pre-level screen. 
  • We are using generic How To Play screens for most of our events now. (I have seen some comments on this so just wanted to address it real quick!)

Thanks for reading about our November Updates! Until next time, Happy Blitzin’!

Emoji Jenny

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