Positively Minnie!

Hey Blitzers! Today we are celebrating all things Minnie Mouse, the fashion icon who always keeps polka dots in style! Below we talk about what the fabulous Minnie Mouse means to Disney Emoji Blitz, as well as an exciting way she’s being celebrated TOMORROW!

Positively Minnie Polka Dot Summit 2.0 - The Digital Edition: February 27

Positively Minnie: Polka Dot Summit 2.0 – The Digital Edition: February 27, 2021

In celebration of Minnie Mouse and National Polka Dot Day, Disney and Create & Cultivate, the leading digital media platform and event series for millennial women, have teamed up to host Positively Minnie: The Polka Dot Summit 2.0 – The Digital Edition, a global virtual summit inspired by Minnie Mouse and led by muses who encompass her bold, fashionable, fun and classic personality and style.

For the second year in a row, The Polka Dot Summit 2.0 will go live February 27 at 9am PST, and YOU’RE invited! The summit will engage audiences around the world and showcase what it means to be “Positively Minnie” through a day of fun, powerful and uplifting programming, ensuring all participants kick off their weekend feeling inspired! Free to the public, fans from around the world can partake in Minnie-inspired workshops and sessions featuring Jonathan Van Ness, listen to an inspiring conversation with Marsai Martin, shop the latest Minnie merch, and much more!

Minnie Mouse connects the dots between the bold, fun, classic, and fashionable aspects of what it means to be positively YOU!

Sounds POSITIVELY uplifting, don’t you agree?!

💖 You can find all the information you need here, including registration (it’s completely FREE) and the schedule. Don’t miss it!

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What does Minnie Mouse mean to Disney Emoji Blitz?

The ever-fashionable and kind Minnie Mouse is so important to our game – we can’t get enough of her! In fact, did you know we have 8 Minnie Mouse Emojis in Disney Emoji Blitz?! And we’re coming up with more all the time! Here are all our current Minnie Emojis, just in case you don’t believe me! 😜

  1. Minnie Mouse, Silver Emoji
  2. Retro Minnie, Gold Emoji
  3. Holiday Minnie, Rainbow Emoji
  4. Rose Gold Minnie, Rainbow Emoji
  5. Witch Minnie, Rainbow Emoji
  6. Mermaid Minnie, Rainbow Emoji
  7. Peppermint Minnie, Rainbow Emoji
  8. Fairy Minnie, Rainbow Emoji (Mission Level 500 Exclusive)

They are each individually unique and beautiful, and our artists particularly love exploring the different sides of Minnie with every iteration.

“Creating the Mermaid Minnie Emoji felt like one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments! I had so much fun with her design, from sketching her colors to designing and rendering her harp!” – Jenn, Senior Artist

To us, Minnie Mouse represents timeless individuality – what an icon!

Retro Minnie, Peppermint Minnie, Rose Gold Minnie, Mermaid Minnie, and Minnie Mouse Emojis

I hope this was a pleasant read in your day! Check out our News for more!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your time at The Polka Dot Summit 2.0 – The Digital Edition!

Until next time, Happy Blitzin’!

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