How to Get Free Stuff in Disney Emoji Blitz 102

Hey Blitzers! Back in January, we talked about how to get FREE STUFF in Disney Emoji Blitz! Today, Emoji Lucy and I are following that up with a few more tips! Check out our new YouTube video below starring Emoji Lucy, Associate Game Designer. She takes us through 3 more ways to get free stuff in Disney Emoji Blitz!

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Tip #1: Follow us on Instagram or Facebook 

We have two pop-ups that offer some gems for following us on our official social channels. One is for our Instagram and the other is for our Facebook Page. Simply click on them to exit the game to our official social channel, follow/like us, and once you come back to the game you will have some gems as a thank you! 

Free Stuff Tip #1

When will I see the pop-up?

Every time you open Disney Emoji Blitz in a day, you will see a few pop-ups. The first time you boot up, you may see pop-ups for our current Events, sales, or store news. To get new pop-ups, enter a few other times throughout the day. You will be shown our Social Media popups once you’ve clicked through all of the others for that day!

I saw a pop-up telling me to connect my Facebook account, is that the same thing?

This is actually a separate pop-up telling you all the benefits of connecting your Facebook account, including how to get our Dug Emoji. If you have connected your Facebook account to Disney Emoji Blitz and have at least 10 Facebook friends playing as well, then you will be rewarded a Dug Emoji!

Connect to Facebook

Tip #2: Downloading Big Updates

When there is a big update, we give everyone 5 gems for downloading the update as a thank you. Once you have downloaded the update from the App Store or Google Play, you will have a nice Thank You pop-up in-game with 5 gems for you! 

Free Stuff Tip #2

What does a “big update” mean?

When you go to the App Store or Google Play and see we are on a whole release number, then that is a big update. For example, right now we are on release R43, so when you downloaded R43 around late July you should have received this gift! However you will not receive it when you download the R43.1 or R43.2 releases. 

Tip #3: Event Tutorials Give a Free Round

Every Event starts with a tutorial. If you have played that Event type before, then it will give you the option to skip it. However, I am advising you DO NOT do this for one main reason: you will get to play your first game in this Event after the tutorial FOR FREE. It will NOT cost you a life. The tutorial takes only a few seconds to get through as you see in our video, so my advice is to go through it and get that free life! 

Free Stuff Tip #3

Pro Tip: Equip a Relevant Emoji Before Starting the Tutorial

If you are on this website, then you know what Event and Emojis are available. You can find this out on our official social channels as well. Therefore, you may know what Emojis will help you in the current Event. Equip the Emoji BEFORE you click Play! Once you click Play, or you click Play on the Event’s pop-up, then the tutorial will start. You are going to have to play that free game with whatever Emoji you have equipped already.

Let me give an example…today is the Governor Ratcliffe Villain Event. I know that from reading the store description of the release, our calendar on our website, our August Updates blog, and our social calendar that is pinned. Therefore, I may equip Hatbox Ghost or Joy before I start the Event. Those are my personal favorites for Villain Events. Or I may equip Pocahontas since she will most likely be Lucky! This way you are really taking advantage of that free game!

If you would like more info, our FAQ in-game as well as on our Customer Service site has a bit more to read up on. We will also be looking for more Player Guide content to post soon in our News!

Thank you for reading! Happy Blitzin’!

Emoji Jenny

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