Happy 5th Birthday, Disney Emoji Blitz!

Hey Blitzers! Today we are celebrating Disney Emoji Blitz’s 5th birthday, can you believe it?! That means 5 amazing years of Emojis, Events, and of course BLITZERS! And just one year ago today we launched this very website and established me, Emoji Jenny, and you Emoji-fied Community Manager! 

You may have already seen some of these incredible highlights, but I am just so proud of our team and community that I had to include these impressive stats here, too! 

5th Birthday Stats

Thank you again to our BLITZ-tastic Blitzers out there for making this day possible. Working on Disney Emoji Blitz really feels like more of a passionate project for our team than work, and it is a dream come true for us to be able to bring you such a fun and beautiful game!

We are celebrating in many different ways today, so let me take you through them all!

How can I celebrate in-game today?

In Disney Emoji Blitz, we have a bunch of fun visual and interactive ways you can celebrate our birthday with us!

  1. Today we have a FREE Emoji gift for you! Launch your game today and get either Retro Minnie, Steamboat Willie Mickey, or Oswald!
  2. Play our Fabulous 5th Birthday Bash Token Quest / Quest Pass all month long. Collect Rainbow Star Tokens towards earning fun keyboard items themed for our birthday and some awesome Choice Boxes that include various versions of Minnie and Mickey Emojis!
  3. Today we have our 5th Birthday Clear Event starring Mad Hatter, Lumiere, Cinderella, Pascal, Tiana, Powerline, Rainbow Unicorn, and Rainbow Mickey Emojis. You’ll also see special Emoji guests Ariel, Simba, and Sulley, who were three of the first-ever Emojis released in 2016 and the first three you see in the game!
  4. We also have themed our Prize Wheel for our birthday all month long with more valuable prizes, such as Diamond Chests!
  5. Finally, our powerups today are all Disco-themed to match our 5th Birthday! Aren’t they groovy? 😄
5th Birthday Clear Event

What else is going on to celebrate?

So glad you asked! We have SO MUCH going on today on all our channels!

Email Newsletter Sign-Up

We have officially launched our email newsletter sign-up here on our website! Just go to the main page and scroll down until you see the “sign-up” button. Put in just your First Name, Email, and make sure to agree to all our terms and conditions. 

Our Email Newsletter will gather all the newest game information, tips and tricks, community events, and all the Blitz-tastic fun that any Blitzer could want!

Virtual 5th Birthday Party

We also launched our Email Newsletter Sign-up at the beginning of the month because you had to sign up in order to be invited to our Virtual 5th Birthday Party earlier today. I want to thank you all for participating and asking questions and celebrating our birthday with us. I truly hope it was as BLITZ-tastic for you all as it was for me!

If you were unable to attend, don’t worry! All of the content can be found in this blog and scattered across our official Disney Emoji Blitz channels!


We have TWO new videos: (1) Tips and Tricks Video starring Emoji Andy that we released earlier this week and (2) Sneak Peek Video starring Emoji Tiff released today! We will link them both down below for you!

Emoji Andy takes you through some deeper gameplay tips and how you can earn more coins. I believe there is something new for everyone of every skill level to learn here, so please check it out!

Emoji Tiff does something we have never done before…she talks us through what is coming up for the rest of this year! She takes us through some key Events and Emojis launching in August, September, and October. She even gives us a little hint around what you can expect during the holiday season! You do not want to miss this one! 

Sweepstakes for Exclusive Disney Emoji Blitz Merchandise

We had exclusive Disney Emoji Blitz merchandise created just for our 5th Birthday and you have a chance to win your own set! Follow this link to enter our Sweepstakes. You will be asked 5 questions about Disney Emoji Blitz. Make sure you answer every single question correctly! If you answer all 5 correctly, you will be entered to win! 

  • Rainbow Star Lapel Pin
  • 5th Birthday Mug
  • Rainbow Star Plastic Cup Tumbler
  • Rainbow Star and Clouds Frost Tumbler 
  • Disney Emoji Blitz Magnets
  • 5th Birthday Pacific Cooler Tote
  • Rainbow Star Non-Woven Cooler Tote Bag
  • Disney Emoji Blitz Mobile Device Stand
  • Disney Emoji Blitz Power Bank
  • Rainbow Star Plush Throw Blanket

If you do not get all the questions right, don’t worry! I will still send you something in-game to thank you for being a Blitzer. Just make sure to give us your Support ID correctly. You can find your Support ID at the bottom of your Settings screen. Don’t miss a single letter or number so that we can be sure to get your gift! You can also find our official Rules here!

support ID

Voting Poll

On Disney Emoji Blitz’s Facebook Feed, you will find a Voting Poll for a 2021 Emoji. We are asking you, our Blitzers, to vote today for which Emoji you would like us to make a Halloween version of this year! Thank you for helping us make a difficult choice, we love making originals and are very excited to see what you prefer! Click here to vote!

voting poll


Finally, we had one of our local favorite bakers make us some custom baked goods inspired by Disney Emoji Blitz’s 5th Birthday! Everything was SO GOOD and I highly recommend you check out Whisked with Bliss if you are local to Los Angeles, CA. You can find our videos of these gorgeous baked goods on Disney Emoji Blitz’s Instagram Reels!

  • 5th Birthday Cake – vanilla buttercream and lemon curd
  • 5th Birthday Cupcakes – vanilla and chocolate ganache
  • Rainbow Star Cake Pops – cookie dough
  • Rainbow Mickey Macarons – vanilla buttercream and salted caramel

Thanks for reading about our 5th Birthday! Disney Emoji Blitz is our passion and we are so happy we can share it with you every day! 

Keep an eye out on the News section of our Website for more!

Until next time, Happy Blitzin’!

Emoji Jenny

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