Emoji Jenny Welcomes You to Our New Website

Hey Blitzers!

My name is Emoji Jenny and I am here to be your eyes and ears into all things Disney Emoji Blitz! July 14th marks our 4th Anniversary. We have come such a long way as a team and are so proud to be in our 4th year of the game. We are also so very thankful that we are safe and still able to work hard to bring you more and more Disney Emoji Blitz.

To celebrate our birthday, we have a few exciting updates to share with you. First, there is me! I will be your advocate to our team and our team’s insight into our community. I will respond to some questions, share developer notes on updates, run surveys, share feedback with our team, share tips and tricks, and much much more!

Secondly, there is this website that will hold so much information for our players going forward. Here is where I will share all the content I mentioned above in the form of blogs under “News” in 5 different categories: Game Updates, Player Guide, Emoji Highlights, Behind the Scenes and Community. Make sure to sign up for updates so you know when we drop new content. I will also make sure to share it across our official social channels.

One of my favorite things I will share with you is a regularly updated Event Calendar! I certainly hope you all find it useful. I noticed that our top performer on our social channels is always the first post of the month sharing our upcoming events. Also, based on our recent survey we ran, we saw this is the most important information to our players currently. Therefore, we felt it best to give it its own spot on the website!

My apologies, I should tell you a bit about myself! Hmm…I’m not great at talking about myself. XD Let’s see…I am a married, working mother (I absolutely love my work 😜). I am a big Disney fan – have been all my life. I sing at least one song every day in the shower, Belle is my favorite princess and I usually visit Disneyland about twice a year on special occasions. 

I have also played games all my life. My father first introduced me to gaming when I was about 3 years old and I learned how to play on an Atari 2600. I loved Pitfall. I still say it holds up. After that, I have had many systems including but definitely not limited to Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Cube, Playstation 4 Pro, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Other than that, I love photography, baking, eating and giving our cat all the attention all day every day.  

I almost forgot! The most important fact about me…my favorite Disney Emoji! This one is difficult as I have several that I like to play with as well as several that I just like the design of. To keep it simple, my #1 is Joy from Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out. I have her at Level 3 and I just absolutely love being able to put a Sun power-up wherever I want. My favorites for their look are Rainbow Mickey and Mary Poppins. 

I look forward to guiding you through all the Blitz-tastic fun at your fingertips in Disney Emoji Blitz! 

Happy Blitzin’!

Emoji Jenny

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