Win an Emoji Charge on our Facebook Sweepstakes

Hey Blitzers! Emoji Jenny here! Today I wanted to talk to you about another sweepstakes that we have been running on our official Facebook Page where one player can win one Emoji Charge!

Win an Emoji Charge on Facebook for Disney Emoji Blitz

What is an Emoji Charge?

In Disney Emoji Blitz, some days are called Lucky Gold Box days. When this happens, certain Gold Emojis will turn “Lucky” and you’ll have a higher chance of pulling them from the Gold Box in the Store. If you are curious as to which Emojis are Gold, check out this nice long list from our Customer Service team! 

This summer we started running Emoji Charge sweepstakes on our Facebook page on Lucky Gold Box Days days to help players level up their favorite Emojis! In short, one Emoji Charge lets you get one duplicate of the chosen Emoji. We have many uses for duplicate Emojis in our game – deeper map progression in events, higher scores, higher percentage of item card drops, stronger unique power of the duplicate Emoji, and more! You’d be AMAZED by the power difference in a Level 1 Nemo and a Level 2 Nemo. 

Quick sidebar, “drops” refers to what drops onto the board. In this case, duplicate Emojis give a higher percentage of a certain item appearing or dropping onto the board for you to collect.  

How do I enter?

Just like our 10 Lives Sweepstakes, the instructions to enter are pretty similar each time:

(1) Like our page to follow us

(2) Like the sweepstakes post

(3) Tag a friend

(4) Answer a question in the comment

One tag and comment equals one entry, but we always allow multiple entries. You can keep tagging and commenting to enter as many times as you want. Just make sure you do this before 8pm PST! Our sweepstakes typically run for one day from 8am PST to 8pm PST, and winners are randomly selected and DM’d on Facebook! All we need to reward the Emoji Charge is your Support ID! If you need help finding it, our Customer Service team laid out the instructions here!

Thanks for reading about our other sweepstakes! Stay tuned for more in our News

Happy Blitzin’!

Emoji Jenny

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