Disney Emoji Blitz Update: February 2021

Hey Blitzers! February 2021 is already upon us – can you believe it?! Tiff says we will LOOOOVVEEE the new Events and Emojis this month in Disney Emoji Blitz. I hope you enjoy our update below! 😁

I mention this every update, just to be safe: please connect to the internet to download our game updates on your device. Version 39.1.0 comes out on February 1 and 39.2.0 right behind it on February 15, so check your store on those dates! One of the great things about Disney Emoji Blitz is that you can play without internet connection. However, you won’t be able to get any new content until you download the latest update while on WiFi*!

*Some platforms may receive the update at a later time, but rest assured it will be before the events start.

First check out our YouTube video to hear the update directly from our developers!

February Emojis

Here are the new Emojis debuting in February:

  1. Doorknob from Alice in Wonderland 
  2. Wedding Ariel from The Little Mermaid
  3. Wedding  Cinderella from Cinderella
  4. Fancy Beast from Beauty and the Beast
February Emojis, Disney Emoji Blitz

February Events

On our Event Calendar, you will now see the below events for February 2021!

  1. February 1-28: Mickey and Minnie’s Heart Hunt Token Quest
  2. February 2-3: Disney Classics Item Card Event
  3. February 4-8: Queen of Hearts Villain Event
  4. February 10-14: Wedding Princesses Item Card Event
  5. February 16-17: Beauty and the Beast Clear Event
  6. February 18-22: Gaston Villain Event
  7. February 23-24: Hearts of Gold Team Event
  8. February 25-28: Magical Emojis Challenge
  9. Plus, daily giveaways!
February Calendar, Disney Emoji Blitz

Other Important Updates in Disney Emoji Blitz

Special Giveaways:

  • On February 1st, we will have a special giveaway in celebration of Black History Month! 
  • On February 14th, we will have a special giveaway in celebration of Valentine’s Day!

Please make sure to log in to get your FREE gift!

Thanks for reading! Until next time, Happy Blitzin’!

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