December 2023 Update in Disney Emoji Blitz

Hey Blitzers! 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Cloud Kingdom! We’ve reached the month of December, and we’re excited to share what we have in store for events and emojis. Let’s get into it!

To hear even more about what’s to come and even get an in-depth preview of new Emojis and their powers, be sure to check out our monthly update video featuring Emoji Lucy and Emoji Daniel!

As always, and just to be safe, please connect to the internet to download our game updates on your device. One of the great things about Disney Emoji Blitz is that you can play without internet connection. However, you won’t be able to get any new content until you download the latest update while on WiFi*!

*Some platforms may receive the update at a later time, but rest assured it will be before the events start.  

December Emojis

Here are the new Emojis debuting this coming month:

  1. Platinum Jiminy Cricket from Disney’s Pinocchio – Available to collect on December 1
  2. Fluorite Buzz from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story – Available to collect on December 7
  3. Scott Calvin from Disney’s The Santa Clause  – Available to collect on December 14
  4. Bernard the Elf from  Disney’s The Santa Clause – Available to collect on December 14
  5. Platinum Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey from Disney’s Fantasia – Available to collect on December 20
  6. Holiday Wall-E from Disney and Pixar’s Wall-E  – Available to collect on December 21

December Events

On our Event Calendar, you will now see the below events:

  1. December 1 – 19 – Platinum Holiday Party Token Quest
  2. December 5 – 6 – Gaston Villain Event
  3. December 7 – 11 – Toy Story Clear Event
  4. December 12 – 13 – A Christmas Carol Item Event
  5. December 14 – 18 – The Santa Clause Survival Event 
  6. December 19 – 20 – Red Hat Challenge Event
  7. December 20 – 31 – Mickey’s Very Merry Questmas Token Quest
  8. December 21 – 25 – Holiday Item Event
  9. December 26 – 27 – Magical Item Event
  10. December 28 – January 2 – Platinum Party Clear Event

December Giveaways

On our Event Calendar, you will now see the below giveaways:

  1. December 5 – Walt Disney’s Birthday Giveaway
  2. December 25 – Christmas Giveaway
  3. December 31 – New Years Eve Giveaway

Plus, log in every day for a FREE gift on your Weekly Login Calendar! 

Other Important Updates

Disney100 Group Collection

  • Platinum Jiminy Cricket will be the 12th and final Disney100 Platinum Emoji that is required to unlock the Platinum Minnie bonus emoji. 


  • Our December Update video will have a Sweepstakes with a chance to win the Platinum Jiminy Cricket AND Platinum Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Emojis.

Thanks for reading about our December Updates! Keep an eye out on the News section of our Website for more!

Until next time, Happy Blitzin’!

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